Main Site Under Maintenance
Main Site Under Maintenance
How come I can't purchase anything from the website :(

The website is currently under maintenance, several features have been disabled.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

In that case you should probably delete the link to the website on the sidebar for now, because that's how I found it. On a side note, thanks for all the amazing work (even though I don't have the game yet), and, what I appreciate most, your immediate answers to my questions.

We’ve taken down the link on the side bar, we’ll put it back up when the site is finished, we also took the opportunity to update the information there, as it hasn’t been updated in about 12+ months.

Our web designer is having a lovely weekend at a convention, we’ll chase him up when he gets back and see if we can convince him to fix the broken links on the site and update the descriptions.

We hope you’ll really enjoy our product when you receive it, we hear it’s a staple at weekly pony meetups worldwide.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, every critique, comment and observation helps us to provide a better service.

So am I understanding this right: If I want to buy the game, second edition, I should wait for a while until the site if officially up and supposed to be live? And will you post the info here when that time has come, or from what source shall we know that the site is finished? It's already up after all, and it doesn't say not to use it right now.

I have very little control over the site.

The site is built and managed by someone I’ve hired, but they’re incredibly lazy and skim past even the most basic of instructions, leaving to the site in a state of perpetual “Work In Progress”.

Because of this, the assets are completely out of date, he’s filled in all the descriptions incorrectly, and he’s not input the PayPal script in correctly - So the shop is barely functional, despite this he pushed it to live and hasn’t touched it since, despite my repeated requests to make the fixes.

I’ll post here when the site is prepared properly, (that’s why there’s no advertisement for it).

Sorry for the confusion.

So I bought the game at buck legacy and then bought the game online with the kickstarter for the expansion. I paid for the 59 pound set. I have received it but see cards from the previous game. Is this correct? do I mash all the cards together? Or did I accidently order a second starter pack? I have a second deck which I presume is the extended edition.

By the description you’ve provided, you’ve purchased two core sets and one expansion set.

You only need to combine the x1 144 card pack and x1 80 card pack to play.

Combining x2 144 packs has never been attempted and is not recommended

So I would like to get the game in the new store, but I'm confused: The 2nd edition rulebook is included in the kickstarter expansion pack. Does that mean the second edition is only those rules, and if I want to have the second edition I need to get the 1st edition cards and the kickstarter expansion? Or will the 2nd edition be produced as an own set of cards and I need some more patience if I want that?

I can see what you’re confused about, its a small typo. The site isn’t supposed to be live yet.

The 1st Edition Core set contains 144 cards, this core set on its own can only be used with 1st Edition rules.

The 1st Edition Expansion Set is 80 additional cards, when combined with the core set, you can then play it in 2nd Edition.

In short, combining the 1st Edition core and the 1st Edition expansion allows you to play the 2nd Edition (which makes no sense and why I need to change it)

Thanks for brining this to my attention, I’ll get it sorted soon.

Would it be possible for you to list the cards in the expansion?

The full list was posted on our Kickstarter a few days ago.

But here’s a Tumblr repost, please click  ”Read More” to view the full card list.
Each expansion deck contains 80 cards.
Druid and Witch Doctor are Promotional Cards and are NOT included in the 80 card pack.

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How does the Polyceph Hellbeast's Double Strike special effect get resolved in the combat phase? They roll two black dice, so do you have to beat their combined value or simply the higher of the two rolls to win that round?

Adventurers have to beat the combined value of both black dice.