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Thank you everyone who helped!
We’ve read that 30 ratings puts the game on the Global Ranking! We’d really appreciate your input!

Visit the page here

Thank you everyone who helped!

We’ve read that 30 ratings puts the game on the Global Ranking! We’d really appreciate your input!

Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition. RRP £32.

This new edition set features:

  • A 24 page rulebook illustrated by Atryl (with an illustration gallery featuring Genji Lim, Lizombie, Jenpenn and Dhui) and Hinoraito).
  • Box Artwork illustrated by AphexAngel.
  • A Buck coin/Bottle Opener/Keyring illustrated by Inkie-Heart.
  • 5 Dice, 7 Card Sleeves and Pen.
  • and 168 cellowrapped cards from your favourite artists like Pepooni, Petirep and Secret-Pony!
  • Cards from the expansion, including boss Monsters, are also included in this set!
  • All boxes come sealed in plastic shrinkwrap from protection.

Orders open soon. They will be available to buy at BUCK con.

One of the workers at the packing workshop.

He’ll be folding and packing for the next few days to get a few hundred ready for BUCK con.

how do i buy a copy of the game

The game isn’t for sale yet. We’re currently making all the final adjustments and we should be ready by August 15th.

When it is for sale, it will be available on our website.

I know in the past I've seen unique cards that were limited. Is there any chance those will ever be reprinted or are they gone forever?

To date there are 7 Limited Edition cards.

Spirit of Christmas
Britannia’s Retinue
Multi-Manoeuvre Gear
Batpony M
Batpony F
Witch Doctor

They will not be reprinted. They may appear during sales, special events and giveaways. (Spirit of Christmas is mega rare, with only 100 in circulation).

Because of deck backing, only the Batponies, Druid and Witch Doctor are compatible with 2nd Edition.

Because we’ve changed suppliers, its possible that we may never produce new limited cards again for Buck: Legacy.

Does the 2nd edition differ any at all from the cards released in the first wave and the expansion? Is the text or rules of any cards different in such a way that it would be a good idea to buy it for the sake of future play?

A lot of the card effects have been changed. 

A few new cards have been added and some others have had their illustrations updated.

All feedback and critique that 1st Edition received was applied to 2nd Edition, Monsters have been nerfed and underpowered classes have been buffed.

The game only has a few small rule tweaks, but it essentially a more refined and easier version of the expansion, with a lot of effects, cards and spells added for “screwing over your fellow players”.

How much will it be for the 2nd edition starter set and when exactly is it schedule to come out?


The 2nd Edition will cost between £32-40.

It’s not a ‘starter set’ or ‘core set’ this time, as 2nd Edition has the expansion built-in.

Scheduled to be released August 15th, ready just in time for BUCK2014.

I was so bummed when I came by the bronycon booth and you didn't have any sets for sale but I will be buying this week. Is that latest picture the box it comes in?


Thanks for your interest! We hope you enjoyed Bronycon!
This picture is of the 2nd Edition box.

All copies of 2nd Edition come in this gorgeous box, illustrated by AphexAngel

BL2E-PT06 (Digital Assembly)

Oh yeah

Hey. I have a question somewhat game related, but not about this one, but the table top game you were working on. When is that going to happen? Cause I really want to get in on that!


The Tabletop version of Buck: Legacy has been scuttled.

There will no longer be a Kickstarter for this project.

Scuttled implies that although the project is cancelled, its possible that the future the Tabletop project’s resources may be used to create something (such as supplement rules for compatible systems), and might be supported by short stories or comics.